The 10-Day Journaling Challenge

I’ve run out of steam…again.

It’s not an uncommon problem in the world of writing—in fact, I believe we all encounter it at one time or another. The question is—what am I going to do about it?

I could sit quietly twiddling my thumbs and beat myself mentally for giving up. This will inevitably lead to aggravation, moodiness, and lots of moping around the house. I owe it to myself (and my family) to do better than that.
Therefore, I have decided to take on the 10-Day Journaling Challenge inspired by Emily Gould (see her class on Skillshare). I encourage everyone to try it out.

Every day for 10 days I will write. It won’t be a long post, nor will it be epic. It will simply be my thoughts for the day written in a 10-minute sprint. The purpose of it all is to keep those creative juices flowing even when I’m feeling like I have nothing to offer the world.

I could easily just write these entries out in my notebook, never allowing them to see the light, but this is a challenge and I need to feel obligated. For that reason, I’ll be posting my entries here each day. I apologize in advance if my innermost thoughts create boredom or controversy…my mind can be a frightening place.

Stay tuned!

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