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The 5 Biggest Cliches in YA Romance

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Annmarie McQueen ? Recently, I’ve spent some time working my way through the bestseller list of YA romance fiction – everything from John Green to hit debuts such as ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon, which was recently made into a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I…

Glory Days

Hello stairs, my nemesis. I recognize that the creaking and popping I hear is not the protestation of your weathered planks, but of my own ageing bones. I lumber to the top, leading all the way with my stronger leg. Slow and steady wins the race. Yesterday I bent to put on a sock and […]
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Someone asked me why I bother putting on makeup in the morning when I work from home. Who will see you? They wondered. Well. I will. It’s far more important than people might think. I wasn’t always like this. Less than a decade ago, I was an inspired chef bustling with energy and enthusiasm. I […]
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