Glory Days

Hello stairs, my nemesis.
I recognize that the creaking and popping I hear
is not the protestation of your weathered planks,
but of my own ageing bones.

I lumber to the top,
leading all the way with my stronger leg.
Slow and steady wins the race.

Yesterday I bent to put on a sock and threw out my back,
then laughed for several minutes at the absurdity.

I’m the youngest today that I’m ever going to be,
so I ruby my lips and slip on the sequined dress that is hated by everyone but me,
because I’m still young enough to enjoy things in life
and old enough not to care what people think.

Many look back on their youth and lose themselves in the past,
but it’s not for me.
Though mornings start to feel colder and bedtime comes earlier,
these are my glory days, and I’m going to savour them.

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