Meditation: History, Benefits, Types, Techniques, Quotes, Myths, Misconceptions & How to Meditate

According to the His Holiness Dalai Lama, meditation is your “natural state of your consciousness”. It is a way to train the mind to achieve a state of mental and emotional calm. It is done using various meditation techniques. Some of the techniques work for some people while a different set will work for others.…(Continue Reading)

The Benefits of Meditation & Our Special Music

The benefits of meditation are extraordinary, and have been well-documented by science over the last 100 years. In this time, over 1,000 research studies have proven that meditation is an effective way to naturally  improve health and wellbeing. Consider the following: Did you know that people who meditate every day are happier than those who don’t? They are…(Continue Reading)

8 Things to Know About Meditation for Health

Meditation is a mind and body practice that has a long history of use for increasing calmness and physical relaxation, improving psychological balance, coping with illness, and enhancing overall health and well-being. Many studies have been conducted to look at how meditation may be helpful for a variety of conditions, such as high blood pressure,…(Continue Reading)

Meditation for People Who Hate “Om”

The Name-and-Tame Meditation Angry? Attach the phrase “this is anger” to every furious thought. Anxious? As you suffer it, say, “This is anxiety.” Twenty-five hundred years ago, Buddha taught that we manage our emotions better when we label experiences. Science is catching up. When researchers at UCLA looked at labelers’ brain activity in fMRI machines, they…(Continue Reading)


A form of introspective contemplation, meditation is the act of relaxing and clearing the mind through balancing mental, physical, and emotional states, getting rid of all thoughts about the past and present and focusing on the present. This is done by shutting out the outside world and focusing within, often with the aid of sounds,…(Continue Reading)