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I am hyperian.

I was born in 1974 in the small Northern Ontario town of Kirkland Lake. I grew up living like a gypsy, moving from one place to another so often that I never managed to build lasting relationships with anyone. Friends, I had, but always for a little while until the next move. To say I dealt with loneliness often would be an understatement. I coped by escaping into my own mind. There, I built a world that encompassed all the things that made me happy. Little did I know, that world would eventually take over and spill into my reality, forcing me to apply my thoughts to paper, lest I end up losing my sanity.

And so, here I am. Finally settled (I hope) not far from my hometown in Timmins, Ontario, I feel the need to let my imagination wander. The writings found here may range from dull and listless to unusually chaotic, but they are mine to share and yours to discover.

~C.T. Ludgate

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