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Galloway’s Masterpiece

“Poor old Vincent Galloway,” people always say. “He sits on his tiny balcony, surrounded by inspiration and has never done anything to show for it.” How truth does hurt. By the age of seventy-two, Vincent was the proud creator of thousands of lackluster paintings that collected dust in his little house, taking up more room […]
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Subject 349

A human research subject develops an amazing ability and frees himself.

We are Gods

We were Gods. Our light traveled without boundaries or binds, Through infinite dimensions and galaxies beyond our current comprehension. We were Gods. We shaped time and space like blunt tools, Knowing all, seeing all, being part of the collective peace now foreign, now coveted. We were Gods. Ever-expanding in knowledge and reason. But to know […]
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Humility and Pride

He stood atop his golden stage and screamed to those below. The people bowed and praised his form but it was all a show. He demanded their affection, and basked in every prayer, But underneath the singing praise, none of them could care. He wanted more to love him; he demanded every heart, But his […]
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Interstellar Blunder

“Who am I?” He repeated the question to everyone who walked by, often followed by a plea for help. All he received in return were blank stares from the blackened depths of large almond-shaped eyes. Many of them stared back at him. If they had expressions on their emotionless faces, he guessed they would show […]
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The Eyes of Astra

She had the galaxy in her eyes. A myriad of life-sustaining planets nestled in the safety of her all-seeing orbs devoid any trickery of light or illusion of a magical moment. I watched her tiptoe through the woods. She paused every so often to tilt her head to the skies. It made no difference that […]
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The Standard of Life Well Lived

The following is my submission for the How Well: Creative Challenge. *Medium Members can view it here. In youth we learn success means more, judged by the collections we amass. Always searching for the open door, never seeing the half-full glass. What matters most is time well spent in the warm embrace of those we love. […]
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One Bad Memory

Fine-tipped needles glinted under the harsh fluorescent lighting in the lab. Eddie swallowed hard and tugged at his beard. “That’s a really long needle, Doc,” he pointed out. “So, how much is this gonna hurt?” “Well, it won’t be comfortable, but I promise it will be quick,” Doctor Nikola Berggren’s thick Swedish voice was gentle […]
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NaNoWriMo 2017 Winner!

November 30 marks the final day of NaNoWriMo and I think it would be fair to say that I’m quite happy about it! It has been a month-long struggle paired with caffeine surges and writer’s slumps, but I can truly appreciate what I’ve learned from it all. Though I am proud to say that I’ve […]
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The 5 Biggest Cliches in YA Romance

Originally posted on A Writer's Path:
? by Annmarie McQueen ? Recently, I’ve spent some time working my way through the bestseller list of YA romance fiction – everything from John Green to hit debuts such as ‘Everything Everything’ by Nicola Yoon, which was recently made into a movie. Don’t get me wrong, I…