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A collection of stories shaped by my wandering mind.

Galloway’s Masterpiece

“Poor old Vincent Galloway,” people always say. “He sits on his tiny balcony, surrounded by inspiration and has never done anything to show for it.” How truth does hurt. By the age of seventy-two, Vincent was the proud creator of thousands of lackluster paintings that collected dust in his little house, taking up more room […]
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Subject 349

A human research subject develops an amazing ability and frees himself.

Interstellar Blunder

“Who am I?” He repeated the question to everyone who walked by, often followed by a plea for help. All he received in return were blank stares from the blackened depths of large almond-shaped eyes. Many of them stared back at him. If they had expressions on their emotionless faces, he guessed they would show […]
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The Eyes of Astra

She had the galaxy in her eyes. A myriad of life-sustaining planets nestled in the safety of her all-seeing orbs devoid any trickery of light or illusion of a magical moment. I watched her tiptoe through the woods. She paused every so often to tilt her head to the skies. It made no difference that […]
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One Bad Memory

Fine-tipped needles glinted under the harsh fluorescent lighting in the lab. Eddie swallowed hard and tugged at his beard. “That’s a really long needle, Doc,” he pointed out. “So, how much is this gonna hurt?” “Well, it won’t be comfortable, but I promise it will be quick,” Doctor Nikola Berggren’s thick Swedish voice was gentle […]
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From Future Days

To escape the law, 30th-century resident Isak Mehari jumps into a time slip where he meets a daring young woman who manages to save him from a terrible fate. Due to the length of this short story (28 pages), please upload the PDF version here: From Future Days PDF format Also available in .epub: From […]
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Shifting David

David Stinson was a cautious young man. At twenty-four years, he had done little in his life without carefully weighing the pros and cons of each decision. Whatever led him into the dark backstreets of New York on a particularly cool October night remains a mystery but, in his haste to get home, he shrugged […]
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Frownin’ Red Ryan

Ryan was barely a man when he first climbed aboard the Sea Witch. Having been fortunate enough to be born into a family of nobles, his upbringing included etiquette and a finer education. To his parent’s dismay and utter humiliation, the young man had been expelled from the finest school in all of Britain, when […]
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